Women team qualified for the Final


Women team have been qualified for the French Elite Championship Final following their impressive 26-8 win over Pia.

They will face Lescure on Sunday, June 2, in Tonneins in the French Elite Championship Final.

St-Estève XIII Catalan (26) 56
T : Abellanet, Noé, Bessahli 2, Menaa 2, Song-Puche 2, Marty
G : Sanchez, Absi 6

Pia (8) 8
T : Coyard
G : Panisello 2

Line-up : Song-Puche, Marty, Sanchez, Canal, Gau, Roses, Baby, Dagues, Abellanet, Collette, Noé, Fourcroy, Bessahli
Subs : Menaa, Absi, Jourdan, Candido