Dragons Business Club


The mission of the Dragons Business Club is to organize meetings between business leaders in festive and friendly surroundings.

The Dragons Business Club had its beginnings in July 2010.  In the first evening there were definite signs of success, giving the president of the Catalan Dragons, Bernard GUASCH, incentive to continue with the project and at the same time giving him the encouragement to propose the formation of the Business Club to 10 young business leaders.


In joining the Dragons Business Club, you will :

  • Meet with decision makers in a friendly environment dedicated to the dedicated to exchanges at a professional level, with the possibility to place your business to advantage.
  • Suggest potential partnerships to these same professionals.
  • Get ideas of services or performances from true specialists.
  • Enjoy a long weekend at Manchester for the Super League Grand Final.
  • Sample (a minimum of 5 times per year) good food and wine in unusual and prestigious surroundings
  • Join with the Catalan Dragons in there ambition to create synergism in a group of enterprises.
  • Sport the official shirt and blazer of the Catalan Dragons' Business Club.


The Executive Committee of the Dragons' Business Club :

Président :

Lionel LELIEVRE - Imprimerie du Mas


Members :

Alain MAYET - Terre Bleue
Stéphane GUASCH - Guasch Viandes
Gérard CAILLIS - Sodiac
Jean-Thomas PITSCHEIDER - Economiste en Bâtiment
Patrick NAUROY - Dragons Catalans
Jean Rémi DELHAYE - Apte Habitat
Philippe MELE - Traiteur


Members of the committee :

Rémi Delherbe - DEL NET
Julien BACO - Must Immobilier
Stéphane GUASCH - Guasch Viandes
Gérard Caillis - Sodiac