Catalans Staff

The Board of Directors


Chairman: M. Bernard Guasch

M. Thierry Arcens
M. Philippe Arcens
M. Jacques Bret
M. Michel Anrigo
M. Roland Comes
M. Guy Durand
M. Jean-Louis Miermont
SAS Fiorilo


Administrative Staff

Commercial ManagerChristophe Levy

Sales departmentPatrick Nauroy, Maxime Chaudron, Christian Ciboulet, Mathilde Brial

Communication & Marketing : Yannick Rey

Web TV : Laurent Selles

Communication executive : Justin Héraud

Ticketing manager and Match organisation : Lise Richet

Accountability & financial manager : Chantal Biasotto

Accountants Marie-Claire Prunac, Cathy Bouchard, Ludivine Wolff

Manager's Secretary : Sandra Chevalier

General Office : Elodie Alcouffe

Head of Youth : Bruno Castany

Project manager : Jean-Charles Tolza

Community Program : Philippe Pidemunt