Results of the weekend


With many Ille XIII players because of injured and suspended players in the reserve team, St Estève XIII Catalan have been beaten 48-16 over Lézignan in the Franch Elite Championship Round 10.

The reserve team have not been able to resist to the offensive display of James Maloney's teammates, who scored 8 tries in this match.

They are now second to last before the return of the competition on Sunday, January 8, at Limoux.

The U19 have clinched another hard-fought 40-38 win against Lézignan. With 10 wins in 10 games since the start of the season, Justin Murphy's men have extended their unbeaten run at the top of the table.

The women team have lost 18-6 against unbeaten leaders Lescure in the French Championship Round 3.

Match report – Reserve team

St Estève XIII Catalan (6) 16
T : Zenon, Franco, Devoyon
G : Devoyon 2

Lézignan (18) 48
T : Bonneriez 3, L. Albert, Salles, Malfaz 2, Baitieri 
G : Maloney 8

St Estève XIII Catalan : Zenon, Lapierre, Jobe, Franco, Ferrer, Salies, Devoyon, Delbe, Humbert, Laurent, Colchero, Ben Abdeslem, Scimone
Subs : Ribas, Burghoffer, Jampy, Nietche

Lézignan : Monteil, J. Flovie, Bonneriez, Salles, F. Flovie, Maloney, Norman, Ors, Tribillac, Malfaz, Baitieri, Cuellar, Tort
Subs : Dillon, Segeyaro, Albert, Maria