6 Juniors named in France squad


French Juniors team headcoach Eric Anselme has named a 28-man squad for a training camp in the CREPS of Toulouse schedulded on July 12-13.

6 players from the St Estève XIII Catalan Juniors team have been selected in the France squad.

The squad:

BARBET Maxence (RC Salon XIII)
BEN ABDESLEM Yacine (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan)
BENAVENT Kylian (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan)
CHACHOUA Lenny (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan)

COLS Valentin (FC Lézignan XIII)
CRUNEL Quentin (XIII Limouxin)
DELBE Enzo (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan)
DELTHEIL Enzo (Villeneuve XIII RL)
ENNOYOTIE Sosthene (Toulouse Olympique)
FLEURY Nesta (Villeneuve XIII RL)
GARRIGUES Mathieu (FC Lézignan XIII)
GOFFIN Bradley (Villeneuve XIII RL)
HUESCAR Damien (XIII Limouxin)
HUMBERT Romain (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan)
LAPORTE Julien (Carcassonne XIII)
LOPEZ-BUTTIGNOL Nolan (Carcassonne XIII)
MARTY Thibaut (Carcassonne XIII)
MONCLUS Thomas (Villeneuve XIII RL)
NAHAL Salim (FC Lézignan XIII)
RIGAUD Germain (Carcassonne XIII)
RUBIO Jordan (Toulouse Olympique)
SALLES Arthur (FC Lézignan XIII)
SERRE Elian (RC Salon XIII)
SINIMALE Benjamin (Albi RL XIII)
STEFANI Mattéo (RC Saint-Gaudens XIII)
TADJEUR Rayan (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan)
TROPIS Justin (Toulouse Olympique)