12 Dragons named in France squad


France Headcoach Laurent Frayssinous has named a 20-man squad to prepare the game against Wales.

12 Dragons players have been named in the squad.

The squad

BOUSQUET Julian (Dragons Catalans)
DA COSTA Alrix (Dragons Catalans)
DEZARIA Jordan (Dragons Catalans)

ESCARE Morgan (Salford)
GARCIA Benjamin (Dragons Catalans)
GOUDEMAND Mickaël (Dragons Catalans)
JULLIEN Benjamin (Dragons Catalans)
LAGUERRE Matthieu (Dragons Catalans)

MARCON Paul (Toulouse Olympique XIII)
MARION Anthony (Toulouse Olympique XIII)
MOURGUE Arthur (Dragons Catalans)
NAVARRETE Romain (Toulouse Olympique XIII)
ELISSIER Eloi (Toulouse Olympique XIII)
ROMANO Arthur (Dragons Catalans)
ROUGE César (Dragons Catalans)

SANGARE Justin (Toulouse Olympique XIII)
SEGUIER Paul (Dragons Catalans)
STEFANI Maxime (Toulouse Olympique XIII)
JOUFFRET Louis (Halifax)
YAHA Fouad (Dragons Catalans)