Women team beat Pia


Pia (4) 14

T : Gallina 2, Pacull
G : Herpin 1

St Estève XIII Catalan (30) 54

T : Bianchini 4, Rivas, Akpa, Abelanet, Roses, Fourcoy, Canal
G : Collette 7

Catalans Dragons women team started their season perfectly with a 54-14 victory at Pia in the French Championship opening game. 

Quickly ahead on the scoreboard, the women team clinched a deserved victory.


Pia : Saidani, Geli, Battle, Faveaux, Pacull, Gallina, Tahor, Herpin, Poggi, Meya, Bourbao, Habitche, Tredez

St Estève XIII Catalan  : Akpa, Salles, Rivas, Canal, Bianchini, Roses, Collette, Sebestiao, Noé, Guisset, Saboya, Abelanet, Dagues, Fourcoy