Reserve team lose against Carcassonne


St Estève XIII Catalan (18) 30

T : Zafra, Ambert (2), Le Cam, Scimone

G : Brochon (5)

Carcassonne XIII (12) 38

T : Benet, Lo (3), Pellow (3)

G : Alberola (5)


After a though game, reserve team have been beaten 38-30 at home against Carcassonne.

Despite a 12-point lead at the beginning of the second half, they have conceded their second defeat of the season. Next game will be the last game of the year. Reserve team will play Limoux on Saturday, currently sitting at the top of the Championship.



St Estève XIII Catalan : Brochon, Flovie, Franco, Ambert, Jobe, Guasch, Meresta-Doucet, Salabio, Zafra, Belmas, Perez, Le Cam, Cozza

Subs : Khedimi, Scimone, Ribas, Dezaria

Carcassonne XIII : Pellow, Soubeyras, Albert, Delgado, Lo, Pallares, Alberola, Zava, Emmitt, Arrans, Benet, Khedimi

Subs : Tétart, Agullo, Artiga, Leveillé