The weekend of the representative Dragons


France beat Scotland 28 - 10 on Saturday. 5 players from Catalans Dragons club have been involved in this game.

Alrix Da Costa, Benjamin Jullien, Lambert Belmas and Mickael Goudemand  were in the starting 13 while Lucas Albert started the game on the beanch.


Their stats

Lucas Albert
40 minutes played, 0 metres, 9 tackles

Alrix Da Costa
59 minutes played, 82 metres, 31 tackles

Benjamin Jullien
80 minutes played, 51 metres, 30 tackles

Mickael Goudemand
56 minutes played, 95 metres, 32 tackles

Lambert Belmas
41 minutes played, 78 metres, 22 tackles


In the curtain raiser game, France women team beat Italia 60 – 0. Catalans Dragons players Leila Bessahli scored a try and Ophélie Coll 6 goals.


Lewis Tierney was not in the Scotland team.