2017 State of Mind Round


For a sixth successive year, Super League will devote an entire round of fixtures to State of Mind, as it continues to lead the way in sport for its support of mental fitness.

This year’s round takes place from June 8th to June 11th, Round 18 of Super League 2017.


State of Mind 2017 Theme of Loss

It’s State of Mind week and this year’s theme is that of loss.

It is natural that we grieve to varying degrees after any sort of loss, such as a job, relationship, physical injury either to ourselves or others, but most powerfully after the death of someone we love.

Losing someone brings on a range of emotions and it can take some time to get through.

Some of these emotions  include - feeling stunned, numb, disbelief, wanting the person to be back with you, getting angry or perhaps feeling guilty and experiencing intense emotional pain.

Some people feel uncomfortable talking about their feelings of loss, but it really is helpful to let out your emotions with people you know and trust, rather than bottling up your feelings.

It is difficult to know what to say or what to do to support someone experiencing a major loss and this sometimes results in people avoiding the person who has experienced loss. Friends and relatives can help by being alongside the bereaved person; showing concern by listening, supporting and encouraging the person to let out their emotions and talk about their feelings.

Practical ways of showing support can be taking around flowers, a cake, cooking a meal, or offering to do the shopping.

Just listening or saying you can’t find words will let the person know that you care.

And don’t forget the 10 ways to look after your State of Mind are:

  • Talk about your feelings;
  • Eat well;
  • Keep in touch;
  • Take a break;
  • Accept who are;
  • Keep active;
  • Drink sensibly;
  • Ask for help;
  • Do something you’re good at;
  • Care for others.

Please visit the State of Mind marquee or speak to volunteers present at all Super League games this weekend.


State of Mind Information & FAQ


Who are State of Mind?

A nationally recognised charity, created in 2011 by four healthcare professionals who are rugby league fans, following the tragic death of former Great Britain player, Terry Newton.


What are State of Mind aims?

Our aims are to use the power of sport to raise awareness, promote mental fitness, wellbeing and resilience, tackle stigma, signpost to and enable access to timely support in order to prevent suicide.


Why is State of Mind needed?

  • Over 6000 people in the UK die by suicide each year
  • Suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under the age of 45
  • Incidents of suicide more often occur in localities where rugby league is played often within socio economic groups and deprived areas
  • 3 children in every classroom will experience mental health problems by the age of 16 and half of adult mental health problems start before the age of 14.
  • Depression, stress and anxiety are illnesses with various contributory causes, for example, personal problems breakdown of relationships, loss of job or work issues. The worst thing that people can do is bottle up their emotions to a level where it leads to suicidal thoughts
  • State of Mind sport encourages and enables people to “LET IT OUT” and talk to others to get a handle on their problems and their lives back on track
  • We know that if we can reach vulnerable people early in their illness we can often provide compassionate support, an alternative perspective, reasons for living and hope


What does State of Mind do?

  • Our unique team of elite sportsmen and health care professionals deliver talks to Super League and Community clubs, Schools and Colleges, Universities, prisons, Health Care staff and in a wide range of work places - over 25,000 have received training
  • We organise an annual themed campaign in partnership with the Rugby Football League and Rugby League Cares to raise the awareness of important health and wellbeing related issues. One round of fixtures is dedicated to State of Mind Sport. Last year’s theme was Change and Adversity. This year’s theme is loss.
  • We are in partnership with RL Cares, Salford Red Devils, Widnes Vikings and Warrington Wolves. We are piloting a new initiative “OFFLOAD”, a 10 week programme where local men can team up with current and past players, building their mental fitness and learning to cope with life’s pressures, focusing on topics such as stress management, mindfulness, goal setting and physical activity to enable the building of a winning mind set.
  •  We are organising a Time to Move weekend walk initiative, encouraging people to participate in physical activities and become aware of the benefits of exercise on mental fitness
  • We are producing practical guidance on topics such as anxiety, depression, gambling, sleep and bereavement.
  • We organised a “BOOTROOM” project involving the showing of classic rugby league films with players attending, aimed at vulnerable, isolated men in a socio-economically deprived area of Warrington. This was featured in a BBC Panorama programme as an innovative example of reaching out to vulnerable men.