U23 squad to face Avignon


Catalans Dragons reserve team headcoach Jérôme Guisset has named his squad for the Saturday game at Avignon in the French Elite Championship round 18.

The staff has made changes to his squad, Alexandre Mickalezyk and Mathias Pala coming in to replace Bruno Castany, Thibaud Margalet et Nabil Djalout.


The Squad

Thomas Ambert
Lambert Belmas
Ilias Bergal
Laurent Castaillet
Jordan Dezaria
Joan Guasch
Louis Jouffret
Matthieu Khedimi
Franck Maria
Saloty Mendy
Alexis Meresta-Doucet
Alexandre Mickalezyk
Joseph Nègre
Mathias Pala
Ugo Perez
Arthur Romano
Paul Séguier
Marc Sowell Tchangue
Benjamin Vergniol