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Super League
Les 14 capitaines des clubs de Super League
Les 14 capitaines des clubs de Super League

Super League

Since its creation in 1996 the Super League has become the strongest and most prestigious championship in European.  This league consists of 14 clubs.  At the end of the regular phase of the championship the top 8 teams enter a play-off phase, with the final then being played in Manchester in that citadel of football, Old Trafford. Super League matches are shown live on Sky Sport, bringing about an increasing interest by the media and an audience of more than 12 million. Since 2009, the Super League has moved towards a system of franchising, inspired by the best of world competitions.  This has been a real sporting and economic challenge for the 14 elected clubs, however they have been protected in the event of being placed last at the end of the season by a period of 3 years without relegation.

Challenge Cup

The English Cup is the oldest competition in rugby league, with the final traditionally staged at Wembley Stadium in London. In early competitions, British amateur teams played against English and French semi-professionals clubs. Super League clubs only enter the competition in the 4th round. Challenge Cup matches are transmitted live by the BBC and attract more than 4 million viewers. The final is one of the major events of the European sporting calendar.



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